Combat Archery Arrows

Flat foam tip orange Larp arrow

Model: RG3028

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Due to stringent safety requirements, some LARPs require low-speed and saftey arrows. Some rules also feature range limits for weapons like bows; the low speed arrow helps accomplish both safety and limited range.

This flat tip LARP arrow is the improved version base the round tip燣ARP燼rrow and more safety when striking, and because of the flat tip head is made with two layers of different hardness foam, when the arrow hit the target, the arrow will not 燽ounce back immediately,燼nd the bigger flat contact sureface of foam head also ensure not make somebody feel hurt while in the LARP battle.

The high grade fiberglass shaft is highly flexible. Shatter proof and provides maximum accuracy.

The highly elastic plastics inside the foam head increase the arrow抯 lifetime and guarantee lasting safety.

Length (total): approx. 890 mm (35 inch)
Fiberglass Rod: 7mm燞ollow
Weight of the product: approx. 58 g

More than 50 m striking distance @ 30 lbs x 28 draw weight
More than 35 m striking distance @ 25 lbs x 28 draw weight

Important : The Larp arrow custom designed by our team to ensure safety, provided they are used exclusively with our low poundage (28 lbs.) bows. Trying to use these arrows with any heavier bow could be dangerous!

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