Larp Sword

Pirate Boarding Larp Sabre

Model: RFW-R0023

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The pirate boarding Larp Sabre燽y Roogee was first used by the French and English Royal Navys during the 1700's. The Boarding Sabre was later introduced as an official sabre of the U.S. Navy in 1862.

The Larp version of this blade features ornate engraved decorations in爐he guard carved in excellent detail as well, there have pirate elements integrate into爐he sabre,Like mermaid,octopus,sea monster,corsair,skeleton and realistic metal finish blade.

This LARP-friendly weapon is safe for the scurviest of scallywags and the most brutal of combat! Ideal for characters who are pirates, mercenaries, or those who live by the sea, Captain Deep includes a seaworn blade, an embellished hand guard, and an excellent燾utlass blade.


Additional Information:

Model No.:RFW-R0023
Weight:550gr (1.2lbs)
Overal Length:95CM(37.4")
Blade Length:78CM (30.7")
Cross Guard length:15CM (5.9")
Hilt Length:17CM (6.6")
Core:Fiber glass
Material:Roogee Composite foam

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