Larp Sword

Solomon Crusader Knight LARP Sword

Model: RG1009

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King Solomon' broadsword is laden with traditional Jewish symbols and designs:
The Star of David on the cross guard and pommel; the seven-candled menorah customary of Judaism also on the cross guard.
At the ends of the quill ions are figures of a griffon-like creature with the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the head of a man wearing a kippah on his head and a braided beard on his face.
Etched on the blade and forged into the metal of the pommel, handle and cross guard are patterned designs based on the harmonious confluence of the Jewish and Moslem cultures and religions that King Solomon' Israel represented.
Nice balance point on near guard,this is a MUST have燣ARP爏word in your collection!

Additional Information:

Model No.:RG1009
Weight:590gr (1.16lbs)
Overal Length:118CM(46.4")
Blade Length:88CM (34.6")
Cross Guard length:38.5CM (15.1")
Hilt Length:30CM (11.8")
Core:Fiber glass
Material:Roogee Composite foam

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